About Us

About Us

We push the boundaries of tech to deliver innovative experiences for both clients and users. Our experimental, fun approach and awesome support are the perfect combination. Whether you'd like us to transform your concept to life or prefer us to bring ideas to the table, we'll be with you every step of the way.



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We are Reakt Media: A blend of technology, photography and geek. We have a great time doing what we love and we love what we do.

  • Adam Doughty

    Adam Doughty

    Immense Inventor

  • Amy Dowling

    Amy Dowling

    Graphic Design Crackerjack

  • Bethany Miller

    Bethany Miller

    Social Media Maestro

  • Dave Moore

    Dave Moore

    Expert Erector

  • Eddie Beaston

    Eddie Beaston

    Event Attendant Veteran

  • Glen Miller

    Glen Miller

    Sales Pundit Extraordinaire

  • Glenys Doughty

    Glenys Doughty

    Skilful Seamstress

  • Ken Miller

    Ken Miller

    Adept Accountant

Date Joined:

November 2013


Technology, Landrovers


Brussel Sprouts, Peanuts


Being a full time GEEK.

Adam co-founded Reakt and has a passion for developing new products and being a marketing guru. He wishes there were more hours in a day or he could clone himself, we’re not too keen on that idea though…
When he’s not building a vintage booth or reading his SEO book, he’s scouring Ebay for Landrover parts and working out where to hide them so his wife doesn’t find them.

e. adam@reakt.media
m. +44 (0)7794119078

Date Joined:

November 2016


Cheese, cacti


The gym


Cage Fighting

Amy’s favourite part of her job as Reakt’s designer (except for lunch) is turning clients ideas into reality to create awesome looking booths and selfies. Every day brings a new challenge: Sleek or retro? Green or purple? These life changing decisions mean Amy lives life on the edge so she looks forward to baking, photography and climbing into her onesie at every opportunity.

e. amy@reakt.media
m. +44 (0)7812911465

Date Joined:

January 2010


Ping Pong, Fast Food


Staying in at the weekend



Beth, the youngest yet most professional member of our team, she’s been helping out at events since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She’s recently been promoted to director of our Social Media Channels because we just can’t keep up. What’s Snapchat agin?

Date Joined:

March 2016







Dave loves building Adam’s inventions. We’ve always wondered why he was so keen to be at work and then we found out his only hobby is fishing. He joined the Reakt team 3 years ago and is now the best photo booth builder in the world, well, in Birmingham.

e. dave@reakt.media
m. +44 (0)7539447825

Date Joined:

March 2014


Pizza, Landrovers




Googling cute kittens

People can’t resist getting a selfie with Eddie when he’s on photoboothing duty, he’s certainly our most photogenic member of staff and thinks he’s great with the ladies.

Date Joined:

November 2013


Football, Beer


Cabbage, Snakes


Bird Watching

Co-founder of Reakt and the most popular member of Cradely Town Pensioners Football Club, Glen could sell a hamburger to a vegan. Well, if the hamburger was a photobooth and the vegan didn’t have one. When he’s out of the office he’s pumping iron at the gym or hanging out with his family.

e. glen@reakt.media
m. +44 (0)7504997170

Date Joined:

January 2010


Sewing, Johnny Depp


Jigsaw puzzles



We’re not kidding ourselves, we know that Reakt’s success is down to Mom’s seamstress skills, we don’t know where we’d be without her and our photo booth curtains would certainly be less impressive.

Date Joined:

November 2011


Whittling, Yoga




Doing sums, especially long mulitiplication

Everyone’s on their best behaviour when Ken, our accountant, is in the office. When he’s not number crunching or drinking coffee he’s keeping us in line and getting us organised, he likes to think he’s firm but fair.

Our History


Bored of the 9-5, we needed to shake things up.


Our first event... no pressure!


Entering the corporate world


Taking the plunge


We've never been so busy


Onwards and upwards

We searched for ideas to set up a business to earn extra cash and to have some fun. We stumbled on the photobooth industry and were impressed with the potential ROI. With only a few UK booth suppliers and nobody we felt confident enough to buy from we decided to build our own. Adam’s engineering experience was invaluable, se sourced some of the best components and after some of trial and error we built our first photo booth and set up Bam Booths Ltd.

The booth was ready, website launched and a Facebook page created. Time for our first paid event. Introducing Adam and Jennifer, the bride and groom our friends from work. Loads of people watched us set up which was pretty stressful, they'd never seen a mobile photo booth before and everyone loved it. We felt a bit guilty for stealing the happy couple's limelight, but not too guilty. The bookings started rolling in.

We added another booth, then 2 more and before we knew it we needed to employ part time staff to help us manage all the events. We looked after our customers and they loved our service. Our first corporate customer was British Gas which was an eye opener to the industry and how massive the market could be. We carried out over 400 events per year and wanted to expand the business.

The time had come to give up our full-time jobs and start manufacturing the booths. Our other halves were nervous but we had every confidence in ourselves and the popularity of the photo booth. T3 Photo booths was formed and we’ve never looked back. Our support is second to none and we have even helped new boothers set up their own businesses.

Alongside the wedding bookings and building and selling the booths, we took on more corporate events. Working closely with big names including Coca Cola, Red Bull, Pringles and London Marathon to design successful marketing campaigns, every event was exciting and brought new challenges. We love to design bespoke activations tailored to company objectives.

New products, websites and a fresh marketing direction. We sell our booths, ultimate selfies, magic mirrors and hashtag printing stations across the world in an ever-expanding industry. We develop activations for digital, social & sales campaigns for corporate, experiential and seasonal events and take brands on an invaluable journey. Our new offices in The Custard Factory in Birmingham are the start of the next phase of our journey.

The way we take and share photographs is changing...

Want to understand more about what we can do with a photo, gif or video? From 6x4 inch prints to custom designed micro sites for easy social media upload. We can help you navigate all the latest technology and trends that will deliver that 'WOW'.

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