Corporate Events

Seasonal Events

We pride ourselves in creating fulfilling experiences that exceed the expectations of our clients. From a Santa’s sleigh photo booth to a ski lodge themed selfie pod or Christmas photo booth, our campaigns create a buzz at any event.

Our custom activation for LeShuttle took pride of place for over a month in Folkstone entertaining kids (and big kids) celebrating Christmas.

The photos were taken in Santa’s sleigh piled high with oversized presents. The Christmas themed prints incorporated LeShuttle’s logo to maximise social sharing promotion.

Data collection, invaluable today, is more effective when built into a built into a booth as people are happier to share information when they’re having fun.

Innovative thinking is a massive part of who we are, we think outside the box to come up with bespoke, entertaining ideas.

We customised one of our elegant selfies to fit beautifully into a ski lodge style bar. The best entertainment and promotional tool for people getting into the Christmas spirit. Tipsy people and photobooths are the perfect pairing, we think comparable to gin and tonic.

Organising a themed event? Let’s work together to make it spectacular, incorporate your branding and develop an effective corporate activation that is viable and builds a strong brand image to impress potential clients and customers. Our campaigns are specially designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.


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