Corporate Events

Sports Events

We take great satisfaction in building effective campaigns and installs that surpass client expectations and add an element of fun to any event. Athletics competitions, swimathons, you name it, we can design an awesome booth to support any marketing strategy.

Every year we set up multiple booths for The London Marathon, incredible sporting achievements should be recognised and the memories captured in our booth will last a lifetime.

The fully branded classic booths look impressive and the runners get a photo before embarking on their incredible journey.

A great promotional tool and data collection is very effective when built into the photo booth, people are happier to part with information during an interactive experience.

Social sharing is so easy, any sporting event can achieve maximum exposure online.

Organising a sporting event or sports award ceremony? Let’s make it memorable by designing an impressive corporate activation to maximise brand exposure.

Our project managers and designers work hard to meet specific client requirements to deliver amazing corporate activations for any brand.


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