Putting together successful campaigns and activations isn’t easy, but sometimes a spark of creativity is all you need. Reakt can help! We bring your event dreams to life and if we put our heads together, the results will be immense.

The most inspiring campaigns have to be memorable and we’re pros at creating a lasting impact. Our bespoke software has amazing features including social media sharing and data collection. Why limit your audience to people attending the event when social media provides access to a huge audience?

Branded Software and User Interface

Full brand experience when using our fully branded software solution. This attracts potential users to use the equipment and engage with your brand.

Photo Branding

Check out that cool printout! Our completely bespoke/branded photo templates are designed to represent your brand and style perfectly. Choose from traditional strip prints or modern 4x6 or 6x8” printouts.

Social Media Sharing

Our booths and selfies ensure people actively engage in any campaign. They can be set up to only print after the photo upload which pretty much guarantees people upload and share to a massive audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Social Media Tracking Report

Want to know how many people have seen your social media sharing? We will provide you with a full social media report showing likes, views and uploads. This is great to understand the return on investment that our service offers.

Photo Sharing Micro Site for Events

The quickest and easiest way to share is via a fully branded micro site. This allows the customer to share photos with a mobile device using a customisable micro site and massively increases the likelihood of social sharing.

Print Options

That print’s awesome! Photo print options for photo booths and selfies for any event, from traditional strip prints to modern 4x6 or 6x8” printouts, how about a sticker print? Everyone loves a photo keepsake, especially when it’s completely unique.

Data Collection

Data isn’t a crystal ball but it’s the closest thing you’re going to get. Data collection was tedious and time consuming but now it’s easy and fun. Perfect for exhibitions, product launches, in-store promotions and more.

Golden Ticket

Win Win Win! Our incredible golden ticket mode on photo booths and selfies engages audiences and creates a buzz at any event. This powerful promotional tool can lead to an increase in the number of people who interact with a brand.


Which filter’s that? Awesome photo! Add flair, nostalgia or dreamy effects to your photos with our cool software. Filtered photos can work as a more effective visual marketing asset compared to unfiltered photos and they’re quick and easy to apply.

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