Photo Sharing Micro Site

So people have created amazing Photos, GIFs or Videos and you want them to share for maximum exposure. What's the easiest way to to get that content out to the world? The answer is a branded, dedicated micro-site.

Using e-mail or SMS we can send a completely branded message with a direct link to a fully customisable micro-site. The touchscreen technology in our booths and handheld tablets ensure users can quickly send emails or SMS directly to themselves which massively increases sharing potential of the content created. Guests are 68% more likely to share to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using there mobile device if it’s delivered within 2 hours of media creation.

Make that video viral! Simple 2 click upload to Facebook and Twitter makes sharing super easy which increases the likelihood of that content creating a social media explosion. Fully GDPR ready, completely brandable, super easy to use and compatible with all devices. Get your branding on with our perfect sharing solution.

Want to calculate the ROI of your event?

We track all interactions on the micro-site including email open rate and social reach. Using our bespoke software solution we can help you understand the social reach of your event. Intrigued? Check out our Social Media Tracking Report page.


How to create an awesome GIF

Easy steps to creating the perfect GIF. From frame rate to exploding pineapples, learn all you need to know about GIF creation.

How marketers use photography to sell experiences

he expression ‘Use a picture, it’s worth a thousand words.’ First appeared in the 1900’s and is still every bit as relevant today. An image or photograph shows us at a glance what make take hundreds of words to describe and words can be interpreted in so many different ways.

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