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We've got so much we want to share with you! Join us on our adventures and you might just learn something along the way. Haven't you always wanted to learn how to create an awesome GIF? Follow our journey from setting up our photo booth business to the cool events we've loved being a part of.

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23 Aug

PSP Tech Show 2018

PSP TECHDAYS are back! This summer we open our doors to showcase some of the latest event tech and AV products on the market. With the collective goal to enhance brand experiences and create memorable events, PSP will be hosting a range of demos from VR and projection mapping, through to interactive gaming, robotics, delegate registration and event apps. We will be joined by a selection of our trusted partners including experts in event safety, event footfall analytics and networks, gamification and Virtual & Augmented Reality for events.



How to create an awesome GIF


10 May

Easy steps to creating the perfect GIF. From frame rate to exploding pineapples, learn all you need to know about GIF creation.

How marketers use photography to sell experiences


24 Apr

he expression ‘Use a picture, it’s worth a thousand words.’ First appeared in the 1900’s and is still every bit as relevant today. An image or photograph shows us at a glance what make take hundreds of words to describe and words can be interpreted in so many different ways.

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